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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 18, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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charlie should pay more and you should pay more. >> sean: and you should pay more. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. greta is next. >> greta: tonight, case it is anthony is out of jail. where is she? much more, straight ahead. >> but first, we are running out of credit and time. it is president obama versus the republicans. this crisis means a lot to every american. and our leaders are clawing at each other. is the fight strong, passionate and principled or something else? congresswoman sheila jackson lee went before congress friday this is what she is saying about the problem. >> reed between the lines -- read between the lines. what is different about this president that should put him in a position that he should not receive the same kind of respectful treatment of when it is necessary to raise the debt limit to pay our bills, something required by statute and the 14th amendment.
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i do not understand what i think is the maligning and maliciousness of this president. why is he different? and in my community, that is the question that we raise. in the minority community that is the question that is being raised. why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? >> greta: joining us republican presidential contender and former ceo of godfather's pizza, herman cain. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: congresswoman lee is saying it is racist how the president is being treated. if it is, it must be stopped. if it is not racist, she must be stopped. racist or not, because i assume as an african-american man you have seen racism. >> i have seen racism. lived through racism. i know racism when i see it. this president isn't different, he's just wrong. dead wrong. she is playing the race card,
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like they do, when they can't defend this president's record. so they go to the race card or the class warfare card that's all she is doing. the race card is now a joke, because a lot of american people have figured it out. it is not going to work the way it usually does. >> greta: racism is wrong, dead wrong, painful, it still exists. >> yes. >> greta: if this isn't race i am how do we get congresswoman lee to debate this strong aggressively on the issues? >> i don'ty you will get her to chain. the people who depend on the race card, they are not going to change this is all she knows what to do to try and attack conservatives or republicans or defend a failed president in terms of all of his policies. look at the failed economic policies. look at the failed decisions he's made. the only thing they revert to is the race card. he's just wrong.
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it has nothing to do with race. i see this, when i'm out on the campaign journey the i talk to people. i'm all over the country many there's no racism out there because he's black. it is all because they don't agree with his policies. i was attacked on my radio show, because i disagreed this -- with this president. they called me shameless and a lot of other names this is their last resort because he cannot stan on his record. so they only have -- stand on his record. so they only have to play the race car. >> greta: obviously, the debate is getting ugly. every president whether it is president george w. bush, bush 43 or this president claims to be the uniter. this is deeply divided, republicans and democrats right now. even with republicans there's division. if you were president, how would you handle this debate differently? not what your position is, how would you get -- we are up
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against a deadline q >> i never would have allowed this to become a crisis. that being said -- >> greta: how? >> if a year ago this president had taken the leadership position, he could have, at that time, made sure we could pay the interest on the debt. make sure we pay our military and military families. make sure we pay the social security recipients and medicare and medicaid. everything else would be on the table. when you are forced to make the hard choices. a year ago it wouldn't have been as painful. today it is going to be more painful to do the same thing. i still think you can do it. >> greta: how? if you are the republican president trying to get the democrats to agree. this is a divide in ideology. this isn't just a grudge match. how do you fix this? >> of an you do the four things that i talked about. the next step you go by agency by agency and do a deep dive and identify programs. some agencies you may have to cut 80%.
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some agency you may have to cut 30% this is the way you do the cuts. not in an across the board. where every member of congress are going to defend their favorite project. no. the president has to take leadership on this issue. that being said, what i would do, if i were him right now, is to go to the american people and tell them the truth. put everything on the table. he's not putting everything on the take. like how about furloughing some federal employees? he's using scare tactics to try and force a decision or force a result that the american people don't want. the american people, i hear them everyday. they don't want to raise the debt ceiling, because they believe that is a charade. they don't want to raise taxes. >> greta: care to predict what is going to happen august 2nd? >> i hate to make a prediction, but it -- >> greta: we are all guessing here. >> it doesn't look good.
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i'm going to predict it is going to be stalemate. as a result, they will raise the debt ceiling. the republicans will hold ground on not raising taxes. and then the president is going to blame the republicans, because he's going to hold social security hostage. >> greta: [ unintelligible ] one of the things, people -- democrats focus on lower class, and middle class, republicans are thought to focus on middle class and the rich. i thought it is a three-legged stool what could you do to inspire people who are in the inner city because they really need help? they need inspiration. they need to -- we need to do something about these cities? >> first you have to start with the national economy. which i have a two-phase economic vision. the first phase is lower corporate and personal income tax rates to 25% maximum. suspend taxes and repatriated
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profits. take capital gains rate to zero. make them permanent. for the inner city, empowerment zones. this was a concept that had been talked about years ago but never implemented. >> greta: jack kemp did that. >> exactly and he was right. if we do it the right way, i believe in addition to these tax changes that i've talked about which is going to put fuel in the economic engine. empowerment zones is how i propose we do something about these inner cities that have been devastated. >> greta: mr. cain, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: if you think -- if you think we are anywhere near a deal on the debt you are dead wrong. there is so much dissention in washington. tomorrow some house republicans are perhaps going rogue demanding a vote on cut, cap and balance. if house republicans are successful and it passes in the house it is dead on arrival at the senate, most people think. and dead on arrival if it gets
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to president obama. president obama came flying out of gate today saying he would veto it. the bill is calling for slashing billions in immediate spending. caps future spending and proposes a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. the bill was introduced by senator he has a new book. you have good timing in terms of your book. >> good timing indeed this is an issue that is important to every american and has a lot of people worried. >> greta: looking at the republican party in your book you are harsh on your own party. you blame your own party as well for problems with spending and the economic situation. you don't let them who have the -- -- let them off the hook. >> no. no one gets a trump card. certainly the republican party doesn't get an excuse for the fact that we've contributed to our national debt problem.
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it is an institutional spending problem. there are overwhelming temptations for members of congress to overspend. we have no limit on our legislative authority. and we've got an unlimited well of money from which to draw through our spending habit. we have to break the habit. the only way is through a constitutional amendment that restricts our borrowing power. >> greta: mr. cain was talking about going agency by agency gao came out with a report, enormous waste. how come we don't hear about any of that? maybe we don't need to raise the debt ceiling. >> if you could ferret all the waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government and stop it immediately, you could be wealthy. >> greta: we paid the gao to do the report and now it is being ignored.
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>> that's unfortunate and that has to stop. i think the obama administration is doing what it can to help stop that. the point is, and if you could squeeze all of that aside, it is not nearly enough to close this enormous gap that we have between what we bring in and what we . >> greta: at least it sends a message to the american -- to the american people that yes we do care about your money. it is chump change when you look at the amount that is spent. at least it is the american people's money. if the people who are talking about the situation now don't bother to try to fix the underlying issues, it is distressing. >> it is indeed. as i point out, this is one of the things that gets overlooked when we can rely on an unlimited pot of money. whenever we can borrow to an unlimited degree we are not concerned what gets left the table or underneath the table. >> greta: tomorrow is the vote. is it going to win the house? >> it is going to win in the
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house. they are going to vote 7, 7:30 p.m.. i believe it will prevail on the house. >> greta: the president said he is going to veto it. >> i think he's wrong to do that. i think his decision to make that threat will prove to be a miss tab. the president is an in a difficult position. having told us that financial armageddon awaits us immediately upon august 2nd. on the other hand saying he is going to veto this. he can't always pick and choose to what conditions accompany our willingness to raise the debt limit. we have done something that is reasonable. as long as we are going to raise the debt limit we should do it only if we permanently change the problem. initiate binding spending reform to change the way we in washington. the american people overwhelmingly support in plan. shame on the president to say he will veto it.
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i don't think he will. growth in the senate when it gets to you guys it is dead. >> those who are wanting to kill it are trying to say that. >> greta: you think the senate could pass this? >> i do. those who want it to die can't attack it on the merits because they know they are wrong. they make this self-fulfilling prophesy saying it can pass. we'll see. i believe it can pass. i believe we can get at least 41 republicans who will at the end of the day be unwilling to support any other debt limit increase measure without a balanced budget amendment attached this is not just the best proposal, it is the only proposal. it has substantial support within congress and with the public at large. >> greta: any of your colleagues pulled you aside and said i would like to vote for this? i'm not asking you to out them. >> i wouldn't do that. i've spoken to a number of
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democrats in both houses and i'm optimistic we will get votes in the senate and house. >> greta: senator hatch, do you support him for reelection? >> i've known orrin hatch for a long time. i work with him everyday. i like the man. i wish him well. at this point he doesn't have a primary challenger. >> greta: there's a lot of noise he is going to get challenge from the tea party. will you support him? >> i will support whoever is the republican nominee at the end of the day. the voters of utah will make the right decision. i will support our nominee. >> greta: would you endorse him going into any primary? >> i don't plan to get into any primary. i think voters can take care of that women. >> greta: i don't get an answer on that? >> i'm happy to talk about the freedom agenda. >> greta: good luck on your book. >> thank you.
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>> greta: since we last reported on the news of the world phone hacking scandal that is rocking britain there are new developments. two of murdoch's top executives resigned on the same day. les hinton ceo of news corp's dow jones division and publisher of the "wall street journal" quit friday. and brooks resigned as chief executive of news international. two days later sunday brooks is arrested in connection to the scandal. it isn't just news corp executives resigning. two top british police officers have resigned. commissioner sir paul stevenson resigned sunday. today scotland yard's commissioner yates stepped done. there's more. former news of the world reporter sean hoare was found dead in his home today. he was the first to come forward.
7:15 pm
coulson has resigned as the prime minister's press secretary. police are investigating hoare's death saying it is not considered to be suspicious. investigators claim the tabloid hacked into the voice mail accounts of several high profile people and victims of tragedy. the controversy is not over. 9:30 eastern time tomorrow, rupert murdoch and his john james murdoch are scheduled to testify before members of parliament. brooks who is out on bail will also testify. we should remind you, news corp is the parent company of fox news channel. >> straight ahead, she was found hanging, nude, hand and feet both bound. it happened in a fancy mansion. murder or suicide? that is just the beginning of this bizarre mystery. there are lots of questions. >> casey anthony is all s as she slips out of prison. is it all good for her? not exactly. >> the question everyone is asking, where is she?
7:16 pm
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>> greta: this one is a mystery. police investigating two mysterious deaths at a mansion owned by wealthy ceo of a pharmaceutical company. first the girlfriend found dead nude hanging from the house balcony, hands and feet tied that was wednesday. his 6-year-old son died yesterday. he had been clinging to life since falling from that house. is there a connection? joining us is san diego reporter. john, nice to see you. what is the latest on this investigation? >> certainly this investigation is bizarre. that's what law enforcement called it. that's who people in san diego are calling it. the latest on the investigation, still no word on whether the death of the 32-year-old woman is murder, homicide or suicide. they aren't saying now. this investigation being held close to the vest of the san diego county sheriff's department. here's a little of the
7:21 pm
timeline. back on monday, 6-year-old max shacknai was injured he fell down the stairs inside the mansion. two days later rebecca was found hanging from the balcony in the court with regard of the house, hands and legs tied behind her back, found by her boyfriend's brother adam who had come into town after max's injuries. certainly the death is suspicious. the bizarre nature still has not been determined, whether it is murder or whether it is suicide many that's the big question everybody is asking. right now they are not releasing the answer. >> greta: have the police said whether it seems possible that one could tie her hands behind her back and feet and do this act? i suppose it is somehow possible but it seems improbable, but possible. >> to a lot of people certainly that would be unusual. that is what the law enforcement are saying what the sheriff's department is saying.
7:22 pm
it is possible. detectives said they've investigated cases where that has been the case. where a man or woman ties their hands behind their backs and takes their own life. the circumstances lead one to believe it is bizarre. that's all they are going to say. they don't know whether the two deaths are connected. if they are two separate tragedies or tieding to. the shacknai family that stays in this house in the summertime has not spoken that much, aside from confirming the death of max sunday. again, law enforcement not saying very much as well. just a very large mystery on coronado, which never sees this kind of action. >> greta: where was the -- where was there shacknai at the time the child fell? >> at the time the child fell, mr. shacknai was with his ex-wife at the hospital with their son max. he had fallen monday. and suffered serious injuries. he later died from his
7:23 pm
injuries. what we've been told by law enforcement, the two were at the hospital. the only two people inside the house when rebecca was found dead was rebecca. and dr. shacknai's brother adam. we've been told by the sheriff's department that adam shacknai, the brother who lives in memphis had just come into town tuesday, the day after the 6-year-old boy was injure. presumably to offer family -- offer family support. there's been reports that there was a either in the house between when the 6-year-old boy was hurt and when the 32-year-old woman rebecca was found dead. they are trying to determine what happened in those days before her naked body was found hanging from a balcony inside this mansion. >> greta: john, thank you. >> coming up, just after midnight casey anthony walked out of the front door to an angry crowd. the latest is coming up.
7:24 pm
>> why did senator santorum take a swipe at senator mcconnell? what was that swipe? senator santorum goes on the record in minutes. that's good, right? good job.
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7:28 pm
yesterday morning escorted by jose baez. he says casey is at an undisclosed location. no one else is talking many rumors flying. holly bristow joins us. what is the latest? >> you're not kidding about rumors flying. we've heard anything that casey could be in puerto rico, miami, prescott, an arizona where that second flight that took off out of that private airport at 3 a.m. touched down. some of your producers tracked it there. there are reports she is in california, in ohio. you name it, chances are there's a report she has been there. i got a tip she was hiding out in a condo in downtown orlando. i checked out that tip. poked around the apartment building and we i spoke with one of the security officers very early sunday morning, he told me that they had a casey anthony lookalike running through their lobby with a hoodie over her head around
7:29 pm
12:30 saturday morning. they checked several times to make sure it was not casey anthony. it is almost going to be like people spotting elvis. the only difference is we know casey anthony is alive. >> greta: i've never seen anyone slip the media so effectively. it surprised me that the media hasn't found her yet. even tracking her from the jail, how did she get away? >> we were not expecting her to be walking out the front doors of the jail. the jail personnel were telling us there was a slight chance, like a 2% chance that could be happening. turns out casey anthony, as we've seen, walked out of the front doors. she got into a big chevy suv. they took off out of the parking lot. you could see the police cruisers pulling into the main road they pulled on to, on to the interstate and blocking traffic, so people couldn't get behind them. all the news station, including husband -- clueing husband -- including us, we
7:30 pm
had helicopters following her they got off an exit where cheney mason's building is they went the building, that's where we lost them. we don't know if she stayed in that suv and ended up going to the airport, took time to change her appearance and took off later that day it is a big mystery. they all lost the media for sure when they ducked under that office building and the helicopters couldn't see them. and police were able to block the media's chase cars from following them on the road. >> greta: where are george and cindy at this point? >> they are back at their home. they watched casey's release from their home. i spoke with their torn he was telling me that jose baez asked casey parents to drive one of the decoy cars from the jail to his office to try to throw us off. they didn't feel comfortable
7:31 pm
doing it. so they said no. >> greta: that may be an indication of things at the home front not good they haven't been restored if they don't want to drive a decoy car. >> there's been so much craziness surrounding this case, unless you are professionally trained, you wouldn't want to get caught up in that. i know the anthonys want to get in touch with their daughter. cindy anthony texted jose baez the second she saw what she thought could have been her daughter getting out of a car on to a plane wanting to know if it was casey. all he would tell her is that casey is safe. i do know their attorney was in contact with baez today. he's still not telling the family where she is. he's trying to assure them that she is safe. i know around noon this afternoon, some colleagues from fox were with lippman they say they were getting the
7:32 pm
message that by we see was still with casey. when i tacked to mason around 6:15 he told me that baez was with some other people. -- >> greta: holly, thank you. of course there's nothing like cameras to show you what it was like. casey walked out of jail. producer justin wells was there and now you are too. >> why did you bring your daughter? >> well, she want to smack casey and any and me i'm upset about the whole thing. >> without asia dove a doubt casey is guilty. >> i don't have strong feelings, i just came to see what was going happen. >> i'll be here and she will be there and others will be here. >> these are some of the
7:33 pm
people that are out here protesting today. obviously not happy with the ver. not happy that casey anthony is going to be released. we are in orlando approaching the middle of the night going into sunday. it is left:34.çn in less than -- it is 11:34. in less than half an hour casey is going to be possibly leaving jail. inside there are three journalists. only three were allowed in. now obviously there are many checks that need to happen in the jail before they let her out. that doesn't stop the police activity outside. it didn't stop the protesters. it also doesn't stop the media friend . here they have moved all the satellite trucks that have been here throughout the trial to this parking lot to secure the area out front this is where all the satellite trucks, all the media covering this story have been moved to.
7:34 pm
normally they are closer to the jail many but they've been moved due to security concerns. "on the record" has been on the ground for three years. we are giving you a different perspective of what is happening. you can see all the local telephone vision stations, all the network stations -- television stations, all the network stations, cable news networks covering this story since 2008. we are here taking you behind the scenes. the media is out front checking the entrances. some are standing by ready to chase after case. >> we are giving you a different perspective of what is happening on the ground. as casey anthony is released, possibly as soon as 20 minutes from now.
7:35 pm
♪ ♪ >> continuing the night it is now 1:00 in the morning. less than an hour ago casey anthony was released. news choppers were following her down i-4. we've arrived at orlando's executive airport. people saw those choppers on live television, they arrived here. we were in the bushes, looking at a plan we thought casey could be boarding. it -- at a plane we thought casey could be boarding.
7:36 pm
it wasn't her. 3:45 in the morning our next tip brings us to downtown orlando. in the 21st floor of the bank of america tower is where cheney mason meets with his clients. casey anthony might be in that office. according to one local media report she was caught coming into the parking garage and may have switched cars. if she is there she across the street from the orange county courthouse. on the 23rd floor she spent six weeks on trial. at this point we don't know where she is. she could be holed up in orlando. she could be on a plane to the midwest. we don't know where he is. early in the morning, sunday. -- where she is. early in the morning sunday. >> greta: here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: did you see marco rubio take bob schieffer apart on "face the nation" yesterday? it was amazing.
7:37 pm
we will analyze senator rubio. >> greta: don't want to miss that. >> rick santorum may be in new hampshire tonight. but he's paying attention to something happening in washington. he will tell you what it is and why. he goes on the record, next. >> just what you have been dying for, charlie sheen, he's back. does he have anger management problems? we'll explain, straight ahead. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. [ male announcer ] if you're looking for a pickup truck,
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didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. >> greta: rick santorum goes on the record in 60 seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: a fatal house fire in oregon becoming a crime scene now. a mother and her four young children, pulled from a burning house. medics discovered all five were stabbed. the woman's husband and father of the children was not charged, but is being detained. police believe he stabbed his family and set the house on
7:42 pm
fire. the police chief calling the fire arson and the deaths homicides. >> concern over washington's debt crisis pushing geld to record highs. the price went up $12 closing at more than $1600 per ounce. -- growing doubts that the debt ceiling debate can be resolve before the august 2nd deadline. i'm ainsley earhardt, back to greta. >> greta: what is going on inside the republican party? president obama and the republicans are battling it out over the debt ceiling. that is party to party. former senator santorum sees the problem with his own party. the republican senator is accusing mcconnell of punting to president obama. what does he mean? joining us former senator rick
7:43 pm
santorum from the state of new hampshire. good evening, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: you have said, if i get this right, you oppose senator mcconnell's proposal and it is punting to the president. explain. >> you don't give someone who is fumbling the ball in leadership to run with it. the president has abdicated his responsibility in leading the country through this difficult debt crisis that he has in large part created. you don't turn around and hand him the ball to one -- run with. particularly when you are trying to compete with him on message. the republican message has to be clear. the president has not led. we are prepared to lead. where we are going to lead is cut cap and -- cut, cap and balance. the most important is balance. we can cut, good short term fix, capping good for intermediate term. what needs to be done if we are going to solve this
7:44 pm
problem, we must balance the budget and through a balanced budget amendment. that's the only way washington is going to work. >> greta: you know senator mcconnell well. you obviously have a different view. why would he make this proposal to the president? he's night typically someone who would pun to the president. he's -- would punt to the president. he's a rather strong advocate. >> what i see is a fear we are going to lose the public battle on the debate. that we won't be able to match president obama and the rest of the media's pointing the finger at republicans. so this is a way of ducking and pointing the finger back at president obama. i think this is too important a debate to play politics. we have to be principled, very direct with the american public, talk to them about the magnitude of this problem. talk to them about the ugly politics that this president playing, threatening social security checks and veterans' been fits that is absurd.
7:45 pm
the bottom line is, we can solve this problem if we had leadership. republicans are going to try to provide that leadership with a clear, direct message. i think everything else is off message and not helping the situation. >> greta: if there is no deal that is made and we that it ceiling august 2nd, are you saying the president is wrong when he says that there are social security checks at risk and veterans' benefits? >> there's money coming in to pay for a lot of government, just not all of it. for the president to selectively pick out programs and say these are the programs that aren't going to be funded is a political decision not a financial decision. this is from the same president who says there is no problem with social security because there's money in the social security trust fund. then pay the benefit. it shows the hypocrisy of this president who says there's no problem with social security
7:46 pm
and then says there won't be any social security check. if there's money in the trust fund there's enough coming in revenues to pay the benefits then we shouldn't have a problem. we do have a problem. and he's playing politics on both sides. >> greta: it seems the disagreement here is really one predominantly of ideology. it is not the people are trying to cheat the american people or be cruel to the american people. but the republicans and democrats see this very differently. i guess i'm having a hard time standing. in order for both of you to come off your positions, to work something out, in some ways may run the risk that you abandon your principles which is a problem, so we'll never get anything involved >> the principle from my perspective is i'm from -- i'm for a balanced budget amendment. we can compromise on what that looks like. >> greta: give me an idea. >> for example, mike lee's row
7:47 pm
postal says gdp, the gross domestic product percentage government can spend is a teen%. we can go 18 1/2%. maybe that's a compromise. maybe higher. the house is thinking of going higher. there are thing -- there are things we can do within the balanced budget debate to get in ball across many we did it we i was in the senate, i negotiated welfare -- when i was in the senate, i negotiated welfare reform. requiring work and putting a time limit on welfare. transportation to help people get to work, childcare we negotiated and got half the democratic caucus to join us. but we stayed true to the principle. the principle here is balancing the budget with limited government. if we stay in the area of less than 20% we are going to be in the area where things like obamacare can never happen. you can't keep the -- those are the kinds of things that
7:48 pm
we are fighting for which is freedom and limited government. there's a negotiating room in the balanced budget amendment to do that. >> greta: it is going to be interesting to see was. i don't see a resolution. when we come up against these deadlines we usually figure out something. but it looks ugly and very divided tonight. we have a couple days, i guess. thank you, sir. enjoy the great state of new hampshire. >> charlie sheen is making a big comeback. it looks like this time he might be "winning." we'll tell you what he's up to now. >> marine corp ball is just around the corner. some famous faces might be in attendance. we'll tell you the latest celebrity to get a big invitation. this may surprise you, next. from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and the boys earned a trip to dc twice as fast! oh hi! we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add fast... one more chariot please. ...we can bring the whole gang!
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories here's the best of the rest. charlie sheen is back with a new sitcom it is called "anger management." base on the 2003 movie by the same name. he's expected to play a mild mannered man ordered to attend group anger management sessions by a therapist. he insists he does not personally relate to the submatter. sheen says the show just has a great concept. the new series has yet to be
7:53 pm
picked up by a network. >> our marines have their eyes set on tinsel town. big named celebrities are being asked to the marine corp ball. last week actress mila kunis got -- an invitation. >> take a second, think about it, get back to member. >> greta: she graciously accepted so did her co-star just continue timberlake. -- justin timberlake. >> i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the ball with me on november 12th, in washington, d.c.. if you can go all i have to say is crime me a river. hit me up. >> greta: then a big surprise. marine sergeant ray lewis just asked betty by. >> i would like to take betty white. she is just funny, sweet,
7:54 pm
mature. she is an all around perfect woman. me and her, marine corp ball in year. call me. >> greta: unfortunately, betty white has declined the invitation saying i love a pan in a uniform, unfortunately, i cannot accept, as i will be taping an episode of "hot in cleveland." >> yes we admit it is odd. a church in ohio retrying casey anthony, sort of. the congregation held its own court staging a mock retrial during their sunday service. 12 parish acted as the jury with parishers acted as the jury with the reverend acting as a judge. >> i say no. >> greta: how did they find casey guilty or not guilty? the mock trial resulted in a
7:55 pm
hung jury with eight parishioners voting guilty and four voting not guilty. there you have the best of the rest. >> forget about the bride and groom. justin bieber is pushing them out of spotlight. we'll show you why, next. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have cess to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ smetimes when we touch
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. justin beiber crashes a wedding day celebration and it's caught on camera. he was in malibu with his girlfriend. they heard one of his songs at the reception. so the couple decided to check it out. guess what? they're both welcomed with cheers and invited on stage. possibly the best we have hadding gift the couple got, or the biggest surprise. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow, make sure you go to greta there is a special poll that i know you want to vote in.